Who was the first host of family feud?

Who was the first host of family feud?

The first host of the television game show “Family Feud” was Richard Dawson. He hosted the show when it premiered on ABC in 1976 and continued to host it until 1985. Richard Dawson’s charismatic and witty hosting style contributed significantly to the show’s popularity during its early years.


“Family Feud” is a television game show that first aired in 1976. The show involves two families competing against each other to guess the most popular survey answers to various questions.

First Host:

The initial host of “Family Feud” was Richard Dawson. He began hosting the show when it premiered on ABC in 1976.

Hosting Years:

Richard Dawson continued to host the show for a significant period, until 1985. During this time, he brought his unique charm and witty style to the show’s format.

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Who was the first host of family feud?

Show’s Popularity:

Richard Dawson’s hosting style played a crucial role in the show’s popularity during its early years. His interactions with contestants and humorous demeanor contributed to making the show engaging for viewers.

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Richard Dawson’s tenure as the first host of “Family Feud” is remembered as a significant era in the show’s history. His influence on the show’s format and presentation has left a lasting impact on subsequent hosts and the overall feel of the show.

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Dawson’s Interaction:

Richard Dawson’s hosting style was characterized by his warm and personable interactions with the contestants. He often engaged in playful banter and hugged each contestant, giving the show a friendly and approachable atmosphere.

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Survey Questions:

The core of “Family Feud” involves survey questions where contestants have to guess the most common answers given by a group of people to a specific question. Richard Dawson guided the contestants through these questions, prompting them to provide answers and reacting to the results.

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Fast Money Round:

One of the show’s iconic segments is the “Fast Money” round, where a contestant from each family answers a series of rapid-fire questions to win points. Richard Dawson skillfully navigated this high-energy segment, adding excitement to the game.

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Audience Interaction:

Another hallmark of Dawson’s hosting was his interaction with the studio audience. He often engaged with audience members, creating a sense of camaraderie and inclusiveness.

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Cultural Impact:

Richard Dawson’s role as the first host of “Family Feud” established him as a recognizable figure in television history. His impact on the show and its format set the tone for future hosts and adaptations of the show around the world.

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Later Ventures:

While he left “Family Feud” in 1985, Richard Dawson continued to be involved in television and other entertainment projects. He also returned to host the show on two separate occasions, in the 1990s and early 2000s.

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Passing the Torch:

Following his departure, “Family Feud” went through several hosting changes, with various hosts bringing their own styles to the show. However, Richard Dawson’s legacy as the inaugural host remains an integral part of the show’s history.

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Legacy and Influence:

Richard Dawson’s impact on “Family Feud” extended beyond his time as a host. His hosting style set a precedent for future hosts, shaping the way the game was played and the show was presented.

Personal Connection:

Dawson’s ability to establish a personal connection with contestants made them feel at ease on the stage, allowing their personalities to shine. This rapport often led to heartwarming and amusing moments that endeared him to both the contestants and the audience.

Return and Remembrance:

Richard Dawson’s return to host “Family Feud” on two separate occasions showed the enduring connection he had with the show and its fans. These comebacks highlighted his ongoing commitment to the game and its participants.


Under Dawson’s guidance, “Family Feud” introduced new elements and tweaks to the format, such as the “Bullseye Round.” This innovation kept the show fresh and exciting, contributing to its long-lasting appeal.

Evolution of the Show:

While Dawson’s departure marked the end of an era, “Family Feud” continued to evolve with subsequent hosts, each leaving their unique imprint on the show. Despite these changes, Dawson’s legacy continued to influence the show’s core dynamics.

Tributes and Homage:

Even after his passing in 2012, Richard Dawson’s contributions to “Family Feud” were remembered fondly. His hosting style and impact on the show are often acknowledged in various tributes and retrospective features.

Global Impact:

The success of the original “Family Feud” with Richard Dawson paved the way for international adaptations, each drawing inspiration from his hosting approach. The show’s concept became a global phenomenon with versions in numerous countries.

Enduring Icon:

Richard Dawson’s name remains closely associated with “Family Feud,” solidifying his status as a television icon. His role as the show’s first host laid the foundation for its longevity and continued relevance in the entertainment industry.

Evolution of Hosting:

Richard Dawson’s hosting of “Family Feud” set a precedent for the role of the host in the game show genre. His ability to create a relaxed yet competitive environment influenced the approach of future hosts not only on this show but across the television landscape.

Entertainment and Education:

Beyond the entertainment factor, “Family Feud” also provided insights into the thoughts and opinions of a wide range of people through its survey questions. Dawson’s hosting helped bridge the gap between entertainment and education, offering a unique blend of both.

A Lasting Catchphrase:

One of Richard Dawson’s trademarks on the show was his affectionate catchphrase, “Survey says!” He popularized this phrase while revealing the survey answers, and it has since become synonymous with “Family Feud.”

Balancing Act:

Dawson’s hosting involved striking a delicate balance between humor, empathy, and competition. His ability to navigate these elements made the show relatable and enjoyable for contestants and viewers alike.

Reimagining the Show:

Richard Dawson’s approach to “Family Feud” laid the groundwork for the show’s long-term success. His influence was evident when the show underwent changes, adaptations, and reboots, as his hosting style continued to serve as a reference point.

Cultural Impact:

As television became an integral part of popular culture, “Family Feud” gained cultural significance as well. Richard Dawson’s role as the inaugural host played a pivotal role in establishing the show’s place in the collective memory.

Inspiring Hosts:

Subsequent hosts, while bringing their own unique styles, often drew inspiration from Richard Dawson’s legacy. His blend of charisma, spontaneity, and engagement served as a guide for how to effectively host a game show.

Television Evolution:

“Family Feud” with Richard Dawson showcased the evolving landscape of television during its era. The show’s success contributed to the growth of the game show genre and influenced the development of other interactive TV formats.

Honoring Tradition:

Throughout its various iterations, “Family Feud” has maintained certain elements that pay homage to its origins, including nods to Richard Dawson’s hosting tenure, ensuring that his influence continues to be acknowledged.

Enduring Inspiration:

Richard Dawson’s legacy as the first host of “Family Feud” is a testament to the impact an engaging and charismatic host can have on a television program. His contributions continue to inspire hosts, entertain audiences, and contribute to the show’s enduring popularity.Community and Connection: Richard Dawson’s ability to foster a sense of community and connection among contestants showcased his genuine interest in people’s stories and backgrounds. This aspect added depth to the show, emphasizing the human element alongside the competition.Navigating Challenges: As the host of “Family Feud,” Dawson navigated various challenges that arose during gameplay. His quick thinking and adaptability to unexpected situations demonstrated his professionalism and experience as a seasoned entertainer.Humor and Heart: Richard Dawson’s humor was a key ingredient in making “Family Feud” an engaging and lighthearted experience. His playful interactions with contestants often led to moments of genuine laughter, making the show enjoyable for both participants and viewers.Dynamic Energy: Hosting a fast-paced game show like “Family Feud” requires dynamic energy, and Dawson’s enthusiasm brought an infectious energy to the stage. His ability to sustain this energy throughout the show contributed to its overall excitement.Showcasing Diversity: “Family Feud” featured a diverse range of contestants from different backgrounds and walks of life. Dawson’s inclusive hosting style welcomed this diversity, making every contestant feel valued and celebrated.Social Commentary: Through the survey questions and contestants’ responses, the show occasionally touched on societal trends and opinions. Richard Dawson’s role in presenting these insights added an extra layer of significance to the show’s format.Legacy of Laughter: Beyond the competitive nature of the game, Richard Dawson’s skillful use of humor created moments that resonated with the audience. His comedic timing and witty remarks added an element of entertainment that went beyond the game itself.Endearing Moments: Dawson’s warmth and kindness often led to heartwarming moments, whether it was comforting a nervous contestant or celebrating a family’s victory. These moments endeared him to viewers and showcased his genuine personality.Television Icon: Richard Dawson’s contributions to “Family Feud” elevated him to the status of a television icon. His legacy extended beyond the show, influencing the game show genre and the way hosts engage with contestants.Continued Inspiration: As new generations of viewers discover “Family Feud,” Richard Dawson’s hosting style continues to inspire appreciation for classic game shows and the art of hosting. His impact remains a driving force behind the show’s enduring appeal.

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