Donkmaster Net Worth (Updated 2023)

Donkmaster net worth is 1.7 Million Dollars.


Race car driver Donkmaster (Sage Thomas) is a reality television star from the United States. He became famous for his performances on the well-known program “Donkmaster” which is telecast on the Vice TV.

Life Story of Donkmaster- Donkmaster Net Worth

When Sage Thomas was a teenager, he became aware of the developing Donk culture and never looked back. At the age of 16, Thomas built his own Donk and immediately began racing. In & Out Customs was established by him in North Charleston, South Carolina, in order to promote the advancement of Donk performance. He has furthermore acted in a popular series of YouTube films that feature his work. He currently serves as America’s top representative for the Donk culture and racing, dumping out his patented “gap sauce” to adoring fans all over the world.

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Thomas’ father, who had been posted in Florida, didn’t live with him.Thomas would, however, spend summertime with his father.Thomas started seeing the “Donks,” or the 1971–1976 Impala or Caprice, during these summers.In his teenage years, Thomas’ passion in Donks persisted. He obtained employment at a nearby car wash in Orangeburg and developed an immense respect for the drivers who brought their Donks there.

At the age of 16, Thomas’ Uncle Buggy sparked his interest in Donks, and with his guidance he made his first Donk.


1. Who is the owner of In and Out Customs?

Sage Thomas aka The Donkmaster is the owner of In and Out Customs.

2. What’s Donkmaster real name?

Donkmaster Real name is Sage Thomas but he is well-known and famous as Donkmaster.

3. Is the owner of In-N-Out still alive?

Yes, owner of In-N-Out is still alive and his name is Dunkmaster (Sage Thomas).


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