Roy Vagelos Net Worth

Roy Vagelos net worth is $479 Million. Let’s delve into the intricacies of his financial empire and explore the factors contributing to his wealth.

Roy Vagelos Net Worth

P Roy Vagelos’s Holdings:

A Snapshot

1. Directorship at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc:

As the Director of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, P Roy Vagelos owns an impressive 501,738 shares of REGN stock, valued at over $479 Million. This substantial holding forms the cornerstone of his financial portfolio.

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Insider Information and Transactions:

Unveiling the Numbers

2. SEC Filings and Net Worth Estimation

The insider information we possess is derived from SEC filings, forming the basis of P Roy Vagelos’s estimated net worth. This estimation assumes no transactions post-March 30, 2022, indicating a sustained holding strategy.

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3. Transaction Summary

Despite the lack of recent data, we unveil a historical overview. P Roy Vagelos has executed 7 transactions in Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc over the past 5 years, showcasing a strategic blend of buys and sells. Notably, the most recent sale on March 30, 2022, brought in approximately $20 Million.

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Insider Ownership Landscape:

A Comprehensive Analysis

4. Ownership Reports and Network Relations P Roy Vagelos’s ownership extends to 2 companies:

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc and Innoviva Inc. A closer look at ownership reports from SEC filings offers a detailed understanding of his stakes in these entities.

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5. Insider Trading History

Dive into the intricate details of P Roy Vagelos’s insider trading history. Over the past 18 months, his involvement in Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc remained significant, with 40,700 shares net sold.

P Roy Vagelos’s Impact on Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc

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6. Key Executives and Company Details

Explore the leadership landscape at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, with P Roy Vagelos playing a pivotal role as the Director. Uncover key executives, including SVP Commercial Marion Mccourt, President and CSO George Yancopoulos, and VP & Controller Christopher R. Fenimore.

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7. Insider Transactions Beyond P Roy Vagelos

In the broader context, other recent insider transactions involving Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc are highlighted, providing a holistic view of the company’s internal dynamics.

Analyzing Insider Trading Patterns: Beyond the Numbers

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8. Insider Trading Tracker

Gain insights into the comprehensive insider trading history of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. Understand the patterns, trends, and the broader impact on the company’s stock.

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9. Ownership Network Relation

Explore the ownership network relation of P Roy Vagelos, shedding light on the intricate connections within the corporate landscape.

P Roy Vagelos:

Beyond Finances

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10. Professional Background and Contributions

Uncover P Roy Vagelos’s significant contributions beyond his financial endeavors. His role as a director and the impact on the pharmaceutical industry merits attention.

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