Surprise Trade: Trey Lance Joins Dallas Cowboys, 49ers Share Insights

The NFL community was left in shock as the Dallas Cowboys executed an unexpected move on Friday night, securing former No. 3 overall pick Trey Lance from the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for a fourth-round pick. While the trajectory for Lance appeared clear with Sam Darnold as Brock Purdy’s backup, the specifics of potential suitors and the 49ers’ demands remained uncertain.

Ultimately, the team that San Francisco had knocked out of the playoffs just seven months earlier emerged as the interested party.Trey Lance’s transition to the Dallas Cowboys is of particular note as he remains within the NFC.

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It’s worth noting that the San Francisco 49ers had initially intended to trade Lance to an AFC team, according to reports from The Athletic. However, this plan did not materialize. Interestingly, the Buffalo Bills were also in contention and made an offer for Lance but were ultimately outbid by the Cowboys.

Bills General Manager Brandon Beane confirmed the team’s interest in Lance on Saturday.With Trey Lance now part of their roster, the Cowboys have acquired an intriguing prospect with the potential to develop into a future starter.

It’s been reported that Dallas had assigned a second-round grade to Lance before the 2021 NFL Draft began. Recognized as a relatively raw talent, Lance’s limited playtime was evident, having participated in only one game at North Dakota State in the year leading up to his entry into the league.

His NFL journey spans two seasons, during which he has appeared in merely eight games, starting four. Even 49ers General Manager John Lynch admitted that Lance’s story is far from complete at the age of 23.Lynch voiced the challenges of the day, stating, “It’s been an incredibly tough day. Trey is an exceptional young man. We took a chance, and unfortunately, it didn’t pan out.

We fully take responsibility and stand by that decision.”He continued, expressing optimism for Trey’s future: “His journey is far from over. I’m truly excited for Trey. Dallas showed strong interest and actively pursued him. I believe it’s a fantastic destination for him.

Rest assured, the outcome wasn’t due to any lack of effort, from both Trey and us. Various factors came into play, including his battles with injuries. Our team is in a competitive position, and we have confidence in our quarterback room.

Brock Purdy, Sam Darnold, and Brandon Allen are all highly regarded within our team.”He added, “As Trey heads to Dallas, our best wishes go with him. We’ll continue to genuinely care for him, appreciating his work ethic and the person he is.”

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