49ers Brock Purdy Latest Rankings

49ers Brock Purdy Latest Rankings: The lack of respect for Brock Purdy is becoming undeniable. The latest quarterback rankings from The Ringer, a sports and media analysis site, have stirred up quite a storm. The article, which you should definitely check out for its great presentation and thorough analysis, offers a lot to digest.

However, it also leaves room for some head-scratching decisions. Case in point: the 49ers’ very own QB, Brock Purdy, finds himself ranked 29th among NFL quarterbacks in the latest rankings.For many loyal 49ers fans, this ranking feels like a slap in the face. They know that Purdy isn’t the 29th most talented starting QB in the league right now, not by a long shot. Despite his youth, his poise and playmaking abilities from his time at Iowa State have significantly contributed to one of the league’s most sophisticated offenses. Shockingly, The Ringer placed Purdy at the 32nd spot out of 34 quarterbacks going into the year. To put it into perspective, he was ranked lower than Tom Brady, who has retired – a decision that just doesn’t sit right with many.Let’s take a closer look at Purdy’s profile and try to decipher why he’s garnered such low rankings.

Brock Purdy, 2023 Week 2 Profile:-

Accuracy: 76

Arm Talent: 73

Pocket Presence: 70

Decision Making: 70

Creativity: 78

Timing: 71

Attributes: Demonstrates a fierce determination, but often defies convention.

Breaking it Down:Don’t label Purdy as just a game manager.

Yes, he fits the mold of a system quarterback, but that doesn’t fully encapsulate his game. Purdy injects a level of playmaking excitement into Kyle Shanahan’s brilliantly designed plays. However, his boldness sometimes backfires. He’s willing to throw into tight windows, go into scramble mode prematurely, miss opportunities downfield, and hold onto the ball for extended periods. Remarkably, defenses haven’t yet penalized his irrational confidence. In fact, they’ve rewarded it, thanks to Purdy’s accuracy and his ability to capitalize on Shanahan’s play-calling.

Nevertheless, for him to reach the next level, he needs to find a balance between aggressiveness and preserving his playmaking instincts that secured him the starting role in the first place.Greatest Strength: CreativityPurdy is always on the lookout for that game-changing play. If it means evading the pocket and making a throw on the run, he possesses the athleticism and arm talent to pull it off.

Greatest Weakness: Pocket PresenceSome of his creativity comes at a cost. Purdy tends to lose sight of open receivers downfield by dropping his gaze, a common issue for shorter quarterbacks.It appears that The Ringer’s rankings have oversimplified Purdy’s abilities, pigeonholing him as a “Game Manager+,” akin to the role Jimmy Garoppolo played before his ACL injury. Moreover, the rankings appear to give disproportionate weight to specific stats, with timing, creativity, and pocket presence collectively accounting for only 30% of the overall grade.

This structure does Purdy a disservice, as he has consistently dazzled with his prowess in these very areas, as evidenced by a recent scramble.Purdy’s journey from being a last-round pick in 2022 to his current status couldn’t be more different from pre-draft perceptions. The label of “Disaster Artist” slapped on him by The Ringer is in stark contrast to his on-field performance. Meanwhile, Jimmy Garoppolo, with a career 2.5% interception rate, is ranked 21st in these rankings, despite a less-than-stellar Week 1 performance.

Here are some other rankings that raise eyebrows:

28th: Bryce Young (a rookie with just one NFL game)

27th: Baker Mayfield

26th: Anthony Richardson (another rookie)25th: Kenny Pickett

24th: Justin Fields

23rd: Jordan Love

22nd: Deshaun Watsonrookie

Among these rankings, three players have played just one NFL game each, two are struggling to throw the football, and one didn’t come close to matching Purdy’s performance in the previous week. Yet, Purdy remains at the 29th spot.Even Mac Jones, who was rumored to be Kyle Shanahan’s favorite in the 2021 draft, is ranked 20th with an impressive 91 Accuracy grade. This ranking makes sense considering his ability to make throws like this:Clearly, it’s a throw that only a skilled passer could execute.So, why do some pundits remain skeptical about Purdy’s abilities? There isn’t a clear-cut answer. Perhaps his lack of jaw-dropping arm strength, akin to players like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, prevents him from receiving the respect he deserves. However, when you closely examine what Purdy brings to the field and how he and Shanahan elevate the 49ers’ offense, it wouldn’t be surprising if they end up having the last laugh.As the saying goes, nobody’s perfect. If you come across any errors in this article, please feel free to report them.

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