Terren Tong Net Worth

Terren Tong Net Worth is $1M-$3M estimated.

Terren Tong, formerly an executive at Corsair Gaming, and someone whom Sebastian had worked with during his tenure at NCIX, was appointed as Sebastian’s successor in the role of CEO.

In a public announcement, Sebastian disclosed that he had received a lucrative buyout offer for the company, although the identity of the prospective buyer remained undisclosed. The offer had pegged the company’s valuation at an impressive $100 million. Despite the tempting proposition, Sebastian ultimately chose to decline this acquisition bid, opting to remain at the helm of the company.

Moving forward to March 23, 2023, a significant incident transpired that rattled the Linus Tech Tips community. On that fateful day, Linus Tech Tips, along with its sister channels TechLinked and Techquickie, fell victim to a malicious hacking incident, leading to the termination of these channels due to a severe security breach.The hackers behind this breach went to great lengths to disrupt the channels. They not only altered the channel names but also renamed the primary channel as “Tesla.” To add to the chaos, they initiated two concurrent live streams, featuring what appeared to be deepfake videos of prominent figures like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey engaging in a conversation about various topics, including Ethereum and GPT-4.In addition to these actions, the hackers made several of the channel’s videos unlisted, only to later republish them.

They also uploaded videos with intriguing titles like “DONOTUPLOAD,” which were subsequently renamed to “LinusTechTipsTemp” in an attempt to appear legitimate. The situation remained fluid, and sometime before 11:51 am UTC, all of the hacked channels were terminated, although it remained unclear whether this action was taken by the hackers or YouTube itself.Around 3 pm UTC, Sebastian took to Floatplane to reassure the community that he had taken steps to secure the situation.

He stated that he was collaborating with Google to restore the channels to their rightful state.Fortunately, by approximately 3 am UTC on the following day, all of the hacked channels were successfully reinstated, with most of the unauthorized changes reverted over time.A subsequent video was released on the Linus Tech Tips channel, explaining the incident in detail. It was revealed that an employee had unwittingly downloaded a Trojan horse disguised as a PDF file from an email that seemingly originated from a legitimate sponsor, leading to this unfortunate breach.The Linus Tech Tips community, while shaken by the incident, rallied around the channels, showing their unwavering support as Sebastian and his team worked diligently to rectify the situation and ensure the security of their beloved tech community.

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