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The House of the Head Wiki


Welcome to the eerie and captivating world of Creepshow, where chilling tales come to life! In this article, we will delve into the second half of the episode “The House of the Head” from the television horror series “Creepshow.” Join us as we take a thrilling journey through the haunting story that unfolds within the walls of the mysteriously haunted house.

Overview of “The House of the Head Wiki”

In this section, we will provide an overview of the episode “The House of the Head” to set the stage for the chilling narrative that awaits.

Introduction to Creepshow

Before we dive into the specific episode, let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the anthology series “Creepshow.” Inspired by the 1982 film of the same name, “Creepshow” brings horror tales to the small screen, capturing the essence of classic comic book storytelling.

Real Name Character Name/ Character
Cailey FelmingEvie
Rachel HendrixMarsha
David ShaeRandy
Guy MessengerMr. Ogman
Diane D CarterCashier
Mary Jane HaysGirl at Sale

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Unraveling the Second Half

As we explore the second half of the episode, the tension reaches its peak as the supernatural events within the dollhouse become more malevolent and menacing. Evie struggles to comprehend the horrors unfolding before her eyes, and the viewers are taken on an edge-of-the-seat experience.

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The Unfolding Horror

In this section, we will delve deeper into the spine-chilling events that transpire within “The House of the Head” during its second half.

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The Dollhouse’s Malevolent Presence

As the episode progresses, the malevolent presence within the dollhouse becomes increasingly apparent. Every new glimpse into the miniature rooms reveals sinister and unsettling scenes, causing anxiety to build both for Evie and the audience.

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The Haunted Doll

Among the eerie figures in the dollhouse, one stands out – a possessed doll with a creepy smile and lifeless eyes. Its actions seemingly have a direct impact on the real world, leaving Evie in a state of terror.

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Evie’s Descent into Fear

As Evie becomes more entangled with the haunted dollhouse, fear takes over her young mind. The once innocent plaything becomes a conduit for genuine dread, leading Evie to fear for her life and those around her.

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The Unexplained Phenomena

As the haunting intensifies, objects move on their own, strange sounds resonate through the house, and shadows dance in the corners of Evie’s eyes. The inexplicable phenomena blur the line between the real and the supernatural.

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Confronting the Unseen

In this section, we will witness Evie’s brave attempts to confront the unseen terror within “The House of the Head.”

A Desperate Search for Answers

Determined to understand the origins of the haunting, Evie embarks on a quest to find clues and unravel the mystery behind the haunted dollhouse. Her courage and resilience shine through as she faces the horrors head-on.

Seeking Help from Unlikely Sources

In her search for answers, Evie seeks help from various sources, including her family and friends. However, the eerie occurrences within the dollhouse seem to defy logical explanations.

A Battle of WitsT

he battle between Evie and the malevolent presence within the dollhouse intensifies. With every encounter, Evie learns more about the dark history surrounding the haunted doll and its connection to the house.


The House of the Head” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats throughout its second half, delivering a gripping narrative filled with fear and intrigue. Evie’s journey into the heart of darkness explores themes of courage, resilience, and the unexplained mysteries that lurk in the shadows.


1. Is “The House of the Head” suitable for all ages?

While “Creepshow” caters to horror enthusiasts, parental guidance is recommended for younger audiences due to the intense and spooky nature of the episode.

2. Is “The House of the Head” based on a true story?

No, “The House of the Head” is a fictional tale created for the “Creepshow” anthology series.

3. Can I watch “The House of the Head” without watching the previous episodes?

Yes, “Creepshow” is an anthology series, and each episode tells a standalone story, including “The House of the Head.”

4. Are there any jump scares in this episode?

“The House of the Head” does contain suspenseful moments, but there are no significant jump scares.

5. Where can I watch “Creepshow” and “The House of the Head”?

You can watch “Creepshow” and its episodes, including “The House of the Head,” on various streaming platforms or check for local TV listings.

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